Hi, I’m Michelle. I recently wrote “Bits About Boarding School” as a guide to life in Boarding School. It includes information I have gathered during my time working in the industry and completing my qualifications.

I hope you find this site useful and informative to help you have Better Boarding Experiences.

More about me…

I started working in the boarding industry in 2005. Initially, it was a casual position, filling in until the Manager was able to find a permanent replacement. I had previously worked in sales positions and office work. I thought “I can do office work and I can sell things. Surely, this can’t be that hard!”.

Looking back at that thought, I laugh to myself. However, I really enjoyed the casual position, and applied for the full time position, beginning my career in boarding and working with teenagers.

I spent 3 years at Northam Residential College, and then secured a position at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. The jobs roles were poles apart – a small Co-Ed facility to a large All-Girls facility. But the thing that continued to ring through was the lack of information available to students and families that were considering a boarding facility.

The Boarding facilities offer fantastic information, and very detailed descriptions of what the facility has to offer, the school curriculum and the amazing support that the students and families receive from the staff.
But, it was difficult to find practical, simple descriptions about what can happen in a boarding house, and practical solutions that can help to make the boarding experience a happy one.

I have completed qualifications in Youth Work and Residential Care, and have completed a Diploma in Counseling. I actively participate in various workshops and personal development courses. I feel very strongly about helping teenage girls with their boarding experiences, and encouraging them to reach their full potential, both emotionally and scholastically.