Hints & Tips

Making Friends

We start to make friends the very first time that our parents take us to the park, playgroup or to their friend’s houses. It’s a very simple process. There are a bunch of children playing in the same area. They look each other up and down, and then smile. After a while, they start to share toys, and seem to enjoy each other’s company. As they get older, this behaviour continues, and generally, children find it quite easy to talk to a child they have just met in the playground, play with them, and share their toys. Occasionally, they will both want the same toy, which can cause some tears and friction, but overall, each child is pretty happy to become friends with anyone who will smile and play with them.

But then, we get older, and for some reason, it seems to get harder to talk to, or play with someone you have just met. Things seem to get complicated, and making friends can be quite a challenge, and for some people, very difficult. This can affect our lives in a significant way. But, just as with young children, making friends can continue to be quite a simple process.

There is one major step to the process of making friends. And it only requires the use of one thing – Your Face!!!!!
Use your Ears to Listen, Your Eyes to Look, Your Mouth to Talk, AND YOUR WHOLE FACE TO SMILE. And you are on your way to making friends.

Here are some other hints and tips when making new friends

  1. Remember you have great qualities to offer as a friend.
  2. Believe you deserve to have good friends.
  3. Pay attention to what people are telling you, and talk about what they have said.
  4. Be prepared to “put yourself out there”.
  5. If someone sounds really cool and is popular and you think you would like to be like them, listen to what they say, practice it alone, then change their words to make them your own. You are cool in your own unique way.
  6. It is quite amazing the different things that people find attractive in a friend. Allow people to see who you are. They will see the attractive and interesting things about you.
  7. Be prepared to put in some effort to make a friend. They might become your life-long friend, and worth every second of your time.
  8. Ensure you make friends with someone for the good qualities in them – they will have a big impact on your life…
  9. Make friends with people outside your normal “group” or “comfort zone”. Don’t make a judgement about someone before you get to know them.
  10. You made friends easily when you were little. You have all the right qualities. It was easy then and it can be easy now!

Try it the simple way. Often this works best.

Interesting things to read

Destroying Avalon, written by Kate McCaffery, is a book about the devastating results of Cyberbullying. It is the story of a young girl named Avalon, who starts at a new high school, and finds herself at the center of a brutal cyber-bullying campaign. This book is a great read for students, parents and teachers, and has received several awards. It is available online from www.fremantlepress.com.au